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Apartment villa Club B & B Office Exhibition Hall


February 19th. 2021


EDIT / © 王毅

DESIGN / © 青律设计




I hope my home is simple and comfortable.It's nice to take care of the clock in and the view.


Graphic design plan


   The overall space focuses on the mix and match of Tiffany color system, and uses hole board, small brick, herringbone parquet and other popular elements as atmosphere embellishment. The color contrast and arch shape echo each other, creating a set of small fresh, sunny and elegant home space.

▽ 前期设计效果图
Preliminary design renderings




   The removal of local walls makes the foyer and kitchen space learn from each other. The originally dark kitchen space is immediately bright. The original design of free semi embedded refrigerator high cabinet and entrance porch cabinet enlarges and cleans the space while enriching functions. 


   The Nordic wooden cabinet furniture combined with architectural space design can not only ensure the storage capacity, but also highlight the amazing and pure feeling of the space, and make the vision have the impulse of "Exploring" to the guests and restaurants.


   The original gray scene is hidden and replaced with cool and optimistic colors, such as blue, white, pink, etc., to create a dreamy and sweet atmosphere. While jumping, a sense of breath is reserved. Home is a place to store memory, and every place should be cherished.

▽  由门厅看向厨房
From the foyer to the kitchen


   Every step has a trace to follow. Instead, it has become a lively playground for the whole family. The natural wood color Dining Table echoes with the hole board, and different degrees of blue and white are interspersed in it. Each color block is complete and integrated with each other, and then pink is used to decorate it, which also adds a bit of order in chaos.


  Then through the hidden function design to increase the practicality of space, mystery and ritual sense, low-key but realistic perfectionism of personal character characteristics.


Dining room、Living room


   Overall, tiffany blue and ethereal white are selected as the main colors to increase the elegant and retro flavor. At the same time, the design of the half wall also makes the space more hierarchical and classic. It won't lose its color because of the passage of time and the change of trend. On the contrary, it can arouse people more and more under the polishing of time.


   Customized pink arch linkage moving door makes the living room and dining room open and close freely, and the living room can be changed into guest room when the guests come to stay at home.


Master bedroom


   If the master bedroom area is arranged according to the original structure, it will cause the room to be too small and the corridor outside the room to be too wasteful. Therefore, through the partial demolition of the wall, the main bedroom is enlarged, a 1.8m double bed is placed in the main bedroom, and a large wardrobe and bay window cabinet are customized, so that the storage space can be satisfied. According to the owner's preference, the material, color and light source are skillfully integrated to create a bold and dreamy color matching style. The hot and strong color not only does not reduce the beauty of simplicity of the room, but also makes the sense of freshness and simplicity even worse through comparison, blooming a new and different brilliance.


   The strong injection of color and furniture can also improve the color of the room. The color of Chinese red background is like the beauty under the lamp, which makes the atmosphere more profound. Different degrees of red, elegant blue and light white are intertwined with each other, which makes it more attractive.




     After the expansion of the toilet, the function is more diversified, not only to meet the basic toilet function. Custom washes the face the wooden cabinet body, the color, the material also and the master bedroom fusion echo, has greatly improved the quality of life. Light, bright as the main tone, and with the corresponding bathroom products, make it both beautiful and practical.


    Color is full of feelings, but also can convey emotions, different colors can create a different living environment.


    Living space is the emotional belonging of human beings. In the context of consumption upgrading and spiritual demands emerging, functional addition, artistic understanding and aesthetic expression are the common pursuit of contemporary quality groups and designers.

项目地址 / 句容宝华/招商依云尚城

主创团队 / 青律设计 

施工团队 / 青律工程

项目周期 / 2019.11 - 2020.07

设计面积 / 70㎡

项目类型 / 平层公寓

服务类型 / 设计+施工+主材

全包造价 / 约25万

空间摄影 / EMMA

主材品牌 / 芒果瓷砖 伊派爱马仕瓷砖 大艺树地板 浩航阁门窗 闽之坤石材 博施美缝 艺星木品 西顿照明